Audit and Assurance

We specialize in delivering comprehensive auditing and assurance services to entrepreneurial companies. Our Firm is dedicated to maximizing audit efficiency by implementing cutting-edge methods and adopting a risk-based audit approach. Through this approach, we ensure timely delivery of services and provide valuable advisory support to our clients.


What sets our audit approach apart is its strong focus on the business aspect. We go beyond the traditional concentration on accounting systems and records, aiming to deeply understand our clients’ businesses.


Our range of audit services includes:

1. Statutory Audit: We conduct thorough audits in compliance with statutory requirements, providing assurance on financial statements and regulatory compliance.


2. Tax Audit: Our experienced team performs detailed tax audits, ensuring adherence to tax regulations and identifying potential risks and opportunities for optimization.


3. Internal Audit: We offer comprehensive internal audit services to assess and enhance internal controls, risk management, and operational efficiency within organizations.


4. Limited Reviews: Our Firm conducts limited reviews of financial information, providing a concise evaluation of financial statements and key areas of concern.


5. Investigation Audits: In cases requiring in-depth examination and analysis, we conduct investigation audits to uncover irregularities, fraud, or financial misconduct.


6. IFRS/US GAAP Reporting: We assist clients in adopting international financial reporting standards (IFRS) or US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), ensuring accurate and compliant financial reporting.


7. Stock & Debtors Audit: Our specialized audits focus on stock and debtors, verifying quantities, valuations, and recovery rates to ensure accurate representation in financial statements.


8. Regulatory Compliance, Reporting, and Certification: We provide services to help clients comply with regulatory requirements, prepare accurate reports, and obtain necessary certifications.

At our Firm, we are committed to delivering exceptional accounting and assurance services that meet the unique needs of entrepreneurial companies. By leveraging our expertise and adopting a business-oriented approach, we strive to provide valuable insights and support to our clients.